How do I get hired by Teachers On Reserve?

Submit your online application and wait to be contacted for an interview. We hire teachers year-round, based on the needs of our client schools.

What if I haven’t completed my BA?

You must complete a Bachelor’s degree before working in most of our client schools. The only exception is in preschool, where you need to have at least 12 Child Development Units.

Is the CBEST or any kind of California Teaching Credential/Permit required?

These are helpful, but NOT required. Many of our client schools require only a BA and relevant teaching experience. Some schools also require the CBEST, and others also require a CA Credential/Permit.

How often will I work?

TOR does not guarantee that you will work any certain number of hours or days per week. This is due to the nature of the subbing business, which is both unpredictable and heavily dependent on your success in the classroom. You can, however, increase the number of assignments you may receive by doing a great job teaching (schools constantly request the teachers they like), communicating your availability effectively and returning all phone calls.

What is the average amount of work a TOR Teacher receives?

Unfortunately, this question is impossible to answer accurately. Each teacher has a unique configuration of grades, subjects, teaching locations, teaching style and schedule that can influence their suitability and availability for incoming assignments.

Can I set my own schedule?

Yes. You’ll update your availability online each week. After that, if your schedule changes, you’ll need to contact the TOR office immediately online or by phone.

How much will I get paid?

TOR teacher salaries vary depending on grade level and credentials. Salaries can be discussed when you are contacted for an interview.

How often will I get paid?

TOR pays teachers on a weekly basis.

How far will I be required to travel?

That depends on you. You tell us how far you are willing to travel. Remember, the farther you are willing to travel, the more assignments you become eligible for.

When do I need to report my availability?

You’ll report your schedule by noon each Wednesday and immediately whenever there’s a change.

How can I get long-term assignments?

Do an excellent job teaching. Most teachers now on long-term assignments were requested by satisfied schools that have used them before on shorter assignments.

Could this lead to a permanent position?

Yes, we place teachers in permanent positions in client schools throughout the school year.
Post-Application FAQ

How can I make sure my application was properly submitted? How can I add new info to my application?

Occasionally, applicants leave an incomplete application in our system. Incomplete applications are not reviewed by our staff.
Here's how you can review the record and/or update us:

  • Sign in as a Returning User.
  • If you see 'Resume Your Application,' your application is INCOMPLETE!
    • Click the link to finish and SUBMIT.
  • If you see 'Check Application Status and/or Update Profile,' your application is complete.
    • Click the link.
    • The text will read 'Your application has been successfully submitted.'
    • Updates?
      • Under 'Contact Information' or 'Addendum' click 'Change.'
      • Enter your update and click 'Save.'

Examples of helpful updates:

'here's the updated e-mail address for my reference'
'changed my address and/or phone number'
'passed the CBEST'
'obtained a CA credential or permit'
'now available every day of the week'
'recent teaching jobs'
'applied last fall, want to be reconsidered for next year'
'applied in the past, want to be reconsidered as of today (enter date, including year)'

I have checked to make sure that my application was properly submitted. What’s next?

We will review your application as soon as possible. Teachers On Reserve always hires teachers according to the needs of our client schools. We will contact you to discuss your application if we feel your expertise may be a match for those schools. Click here to learn more about the application process.

Should I contact you regarding the status of my application? When will I hear from you?

There is no need to follow up. After a review of your application, we will certainly contact you if we feel you may be a match for our client schools.

How can I ensure that you are able to contact me?

We may contact you by phone or e-mail. Make sure your phone number is current and that you can receive e-mails from us by:

Adding the "" domain to your e-mail "safe list."


Disabling your e-mail filtering "SPAM" software.


Checking with your e-mail/Internet provider's Customer Support.

I didn't upload some (or any) of the requested documents. What should I do now?

Documents are helpful, but NOT required at the application stage. If you have already submitted your application, there is no need to send any other documents. We will request them in the future if necessary.

My references have been contacted. Why haven't I heard from TOR?

If authorized by you, the references you provided will be contacted by us. This is an automatic feature of the application and does not guarantee that you will be able to go further in the hiring process.

Do I have to be fingerprinted and/or TB-tested at this time?

No. These steps are necessary only after we make a job offer that is accepted by an applicant.

I submitted an application in the past. Is it still valid?

Applications submitted BEFORE 2/11/2010 are no longer active. If you wish to be considered in the future, please begin by creating a new account and application here.

If you submitted an application AFTER 2/10/2010, you may sign in as a Returning User to make limited updates to your original application. If you want to be reconsidered at this time, the best way to update us is outlined below:
  • Sign in as a Returning User
  • Click 'Check Application Status and/or Update Profile'
  • Under 'Addendum' click 'Change.'
  • Enter this text: "As of [today's date, including year], I request that my previous application be reconsidered."
  • Add any other updates.
  • Click 'Save.'
  • Then, send an email to stating the same.